A Pound of Inspiration at the Deli Counter: An Amazing Weight Loss Story

I was standing at the supermarket’s deli counter ordering fried chicken cutlets…when she magically appeared. Maybe it was an intervention of sorts since I probably should have ordered something a little bit healthier. If you’re like me, you’re constantly waging the internal war of how to lose or maintain your weight without losing your sanity! I got to talking with the thin, attractive, and kind looking lady waiting on line behind me. With my order, I got something extra– a great story. Her name is Rivka Fuchs–  and she told me how she lost 100 pounds and kept it off for 20 years and counting; how she took all the experiences of her years of failures and ultimate success with weight loss and decided to use her new found strength to help others by becoming a certified Life Coach and integrative nutrition coach;  And how she documented her amazing journey of mental, emotional and physical transformation in her book available on Amazon.  It’s called Winning the Weight Loss War–How I Lost 100 pounds for Good and How You Can, Too. Her common sense, feed your soul, love yourself approach gives a great deal of food for thought.   It’s a roadmap for helping you build your own weight loss strategy for life and it’s full of her own secrets to success on an emotional and physical level. Rivka has a powerful story to share and she bravely puts her pain; new found joy; and most importantly, her faith, to paper. If you have ever struggled with your weight (whether real or internal) Rivka’s advice is like the relief you feel when you hold your breath… and then let it out.  You never know who you’re going to meet at the deli counter. Sometimes you can get a side of inspiration with your chicken cutlets!

Courtesy: Rivka Fuchs
Courtesy: Rivka Fuchs

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