VIDEO: Life is Sweet for Theresa Caputo, Star of TLC’s “Long Island Medium”

It’s here! The launch of my Sweet new video series. And what better way to kick off this new series, than with an exclusive interview with Theresa Caputo.

She’s a mom, she’s a wife, she’s a medium– that’s right– she’s MEDIUM. And if you live on Long Island, she just might be your neighbor!

She’s the Long Island Medium. Oh, and yes, she speaks to dead people!

And did I mention her hit tv show on TLC? The premiere of season 2 of  Long Island Medium airs this Sunday at 9pm ET/PT on TLC. I got the chance to see the first two episodes and I can tell you, you won’t want to miss it!! Check out the video for a sneak peak.

Back to my interview, so what’s it like balancing work, life, marriage and motherhood in this life … all while connecting with souls from the afterlife?

We’ll find out… and more.

And if talking to dead people doesn’t scare Theresa, then what does? What’s the most inconvenient place a spirit has contacted her? And can she ever be truly alone???

If our interview is any indication– the answer is no.

Join Theresa and me… and whatever spirits decide to show up for an exclusive interview with the loveable Long Island Medium. Life is Sweet TV caught up with Theresa at a recent event at Sugar in Carle Place, LI.

And don’t forget to tune into the season premiere of Long Island Medium on TLC this Sunday March 25th at 9pm ET/PT.

Want more with Theresa? Stay tuned all this week on Life is Sweet TV.

Music by: Kevin MacLeod

Long Island Medium Clips courtesy of TLC


6 thoughts on “VIDEO: Life is Sweet for Theresa Caputo, Star of TLC’s “Long Island Medium”

  1. I love her show! I read that she has a two year waiting list and isn’t taking any more appointments. That’s great for her! Seems she’s referring people to other mediums since her waiting list keeps growing and growing.
    I recommend Justin Terry. Even though he is young he is an amazing psychic medium. I have had phone readings by him and I swear by him. He is an angel that has proven there is an afterlife and has connected me with loved ones in spirt and answers any questions I have about anything. Here is his website:

  2. Stacey, that was great!!!!! I love her and her show. Your interview was fantastic, she really is so down to earth. Can’t wait to see more! Maybe I will have to get on that 2 year waiting list to see if she can connect with melanie or my dad!
    Keep up the great work!

    1. thanks missy!

      stay tuned. part two of theresa’s interview is on the site as well, check it out– thanks for watching!

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