Life is Sweet TV Wins a FOLIO!

Life is Sweet TV is honored with the prestigious FOLIO AWARD. “Inside a Place Where the Sunrise Lasts All Day Long” is the story of Sunrise Day Camp– one of the kindest places on earth, and the only day camp in the nation for children with cancer and their siblings. We were honored with the win in the category of Feature Story, Long Form. Thank you to the Fair Media Council, Sunrise Day Camp, and of course, my super talented editor/videographer,Tom Zweibel–who captured the beauty of Sunrise and shares this great honor with me. Yes, Life is Sweet.

Music by Kevin MacLeod

Tom Zweibel and Stacey Sweet at The FOLIO Awards
Stacey Sweet with Sunrise Day Camp's Judy Fishkind

4 thoughts on “Life is Sweet TV Wins a FOLIO!

  1. Hi Stacey,

    Just wanted to tell you that I thought your piece was put together so eloquently and beautifully. It brought me to tears! I can see how big your heart is through your work.



    1. thank you so much monica! you are very kind. i am thankful for the job i get to do. it is my greatest joy to cover extraordinary people who do good in the world. and to capture some of life’s most beautiful moments. sunrise really is one of the kindest places on earth.

  2. Tom, you truly brought out the personalities and the inner and outer beauty of each child and staff member with your camera. Clearly this project was more than just a gig, you pulled from your subjects their individiuality – their spirit!

    I look forward to seeing more or yours and Stacey’s work! You make a great team!


  3. Thank You Monica. You are correct about this project being more than just a gig. In fact, I’ve yet to consider any production I’ve been apart of as just a gig, and that especially applies to SWEET stories. As far as pulling the spirits from our subjects, well I can’t really take credit for that – the talented host and our inspirational interview subjects saturated this piece with more heart and spirit than I knew what to do with. The project was a pleasure to be apart of, and is a pleasure to share with others.

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