Life is Sweet for “Aunt Barbara”

She’s the Tupperware Queen….and one of this continent’s highest grossing Tupperware saleswomen– sort of.

She rocks a living room like Madonna rocks an arena.

So what’s Aunt Barbara’s secret? We’ll reveal it in our exclusive interview with Aunt Babs.

Behind every great woman is a great man?? Well, behind Barbara… is Bobby–a Long Island guy with an out of the box idea that took off like the top of a tupperware container that’s left on high too long in the microwave.

Before the debut of “Barbara”, Bobby Suchan was an assistant program director at a group home and care facility on Long Island.

Barbara was born out of necessity– and a need for extra cash. After attending his sister’s tupperware party, Bobby had an idea. But it wasn’t until years later that Barbara made her debut.

And what a debut it was.

At 6’7 (with 5 inch heels and the bouffant), Aunt Barbara is a towering figure in the Tupperware world– literally.

Aunt Barbara has a one year waiting list for Tupperware parties. And she’s turned the plastic biz into a lot of cash.

Bobby has his own real life Aunt Barbara to thank for his larger than life persona. She was his inspiration for the role.

Yes, Life is Sweet for Aunt Barbara.

Part saleswoman, part rock star, and part social worker (like a beloved aunt, partygoers often seek her advice)… could a reality show be far behind?

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  1. Thanks for noticing how nice Aunt Barbara looks in her custom dresses. I try very hard to make sure they enhance her “natural” beauty!

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