It’s How They Roll: Inside The Roller Rebels

They are the toughest women on wheels (and in tights)! And “Betty” or not, here they come to Life is Sweet TV. Meet the women of The Long Island Roller Rebels All Stars and The Rock-A-Betty Bruisers. Flat track Roller Derby is how they roll– literally. The Long Island Roller Rebels are Long Island’s first all female Roller Derby League, which rolled on to the scene in 2005. The athletes sport names (and personas) like “Angry Penguin“, “Berry Boom Boom“, and “Chest Blockwell“, just to name a few. They risk it all on the rink (broken bones and all) for the love of the sport and the dream to take it to the Olympics. Strap on your skates, (don’t forget the protective pads- you’ll need them) and hang on…tight. Are you tough enough… just to meet the team? Who are the women of Long Island Roller Derby? We’ll go inside the locker room and out on the track for a behind the scenes, up close look at a sport that’s rolling –make that crashing– into the spotlight. Sweet!

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